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I created Blue Sky Classroom as an e-learning gateway for my students but also as a place where I could develop and locate ideas and/or create links to the wealth of online information that relates to the broad concept of building 'better classrooms' and 'powerful positive learning environments' for both students and teachers in the 21st century.

My e-teaching journey began in 2002 and was a result of single need, which was to assist students with internet searches and reduce the amount of time that it took them to find information on the web.  The internet was still quite new, it was much slower and the students were not great at searching out information.  What a difference a decade makes.

Today with the help, support and encouragement of my colleagues I have significantly expanded the offering and my students can now access their entire curriculum online, greatly increasing their opportunities, making it relevant to the way that generation 'Y' students learn and with the aim that it will lead to better outcomes. 

My idea of a blue sky classroom is also one where the online experience and offering compliments good teaching practice in a teacher directed but student centred environment.  It is about diversity, opportunity and about creating a vibrant learning space that engages students and encourages them to think and work outside of the box.  

It's my 'Blue Sky Classroom' 


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