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Digital Print Toning


Apertures  Join us for a discussion of the daunting world of Aperture and f-stop. NYIP instructors will demystify this challenging topic and help you make your photographs better.  courtesy

Sharp Photos  Taking sharp photos is one of the primary goals of any good photographer. The ability to create a sharp photo is one that eludes many photographers. NYIP Dean Chuck DeLaney along with two of NYIP’s student advisors discuss some simple techniques that can help you to take sharp photos.  courtesy

Shutter Speeds  A detailed yet easy to understand discussion of what shutter speed is and how to use a variety of techniques involving shutter speed to improve your photography.     courtesy

Three Guidelines for  Great Photography   

The Three Guidelines to Great Photography are the tried and tested method that the New York Institute of Photography has been teaching and using for nearly 100 years. Mastering these Three Guidelines will allow you to make images like the pros. 

Focus Lock - Rule of Thirds 

Don't have a clue about what this is and why it's important? You are not alone. It's one of the most important, yet overlooked, techniques that improves the quality of your photographs.  courtesy






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