What's Here for Teachers

I have to admit that I'm a e-learning convert and have been since I discovered the benefits that it has brought for me and my students.  Part of the reason that I am developing this site is try and share the enthusiasm and passion that I have for using, implementing and promoting anything that will make a positive difference for my students. 

The new skills, new ideas and a new way of considering what a classroom can, could and should be, has helped me to keep growing as a dedicated classroom teacher, even after nearly 25 years in the profession.

Some of the information and ideas contained here may be designed to make you think and consider.  If you are not or have not considered using technology to conduct your teaching and enhance your curriculum delivery, then I hope that something found here might light the fire that encourages you to give it a try.

If you are a convert like me, "well done you" as I know how much time and effort goes into making it work.  However like me you will appreciate the reward for effort that you get when it all comes together.

However I'm not about telling teachers how to teach and what is best for them as each of us needs to make that decision for themselves.




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