Something to Consider

It occurred to me a long time ago that whenever I use a service or make a purchase, that I have a level of expectation.  The more important the provider of the service is to me, or more expensive the purchase, the greater my expectations.  It seems like a reasonable point of view to me, particularly if I am paying for it, or my life depends on it.

So for example when I go to doctor I expect them to be highly qualified, be up to date with the latest medical information and be able to give me the very best and latest advice.  I expect and want triple ‘A’ grade service.

If I had to have an operation I would expect that the hospital would be equipped with the latest and best technology, that my surgeon had the knowledge of and used the latest surgical techniques and that my after care was to the highest possible standard.  I’m placing my life in their hands for a while, so my level of expectation is at its highest.  Once again I expect and want triple ‘A’ grade service.

When I take my car to be serviced, build a house or go shopping I want and expect that the service provider will be able to provide me with the very best and latest in service, advice and all at a competitive price.

To achieve these things I realise that my service providers will always need to update skills, learn new ones, buy and implement new technologies, accept and embrace change.

So as a professional teacher and let’s face it a service provider myself, shouldn’t I aspire to continue to work towards providing the type of service to my customers in the same way that I expect to receive it myself?

Ross de Hoog


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