Concepts That I Like and Use in my Classroom

There are a number of ideas and concepts that I like to use in my classroom.  The list below with or without additional information does not include teacher strategies or student management techniques.  There is already a vast amount great stuff out there that covers the practice of teaching, so I am not about to launch into this myself. 

My Electronic White Board - A brilliant tool that assists with the delivery of information.  It really should be a must have in any 21st century classroom.  This one tool alone completely changed the way that I teach and was the inspiration for creating the e-learning materials that I use today.

Electronic White Board (update) - I love technology and as a result of an exciting and generous opportunity to apply for an ICT project grant via my principal, I began to do some research on large 'touch screens' to replace my existing projector based white board.

 I was beginning to realise that this was the way forward for electronic white board technology, as touchscreens have now become so  familiar to us on our phones, at the supermarket, at banks and of course on our tablets and ipads.

The research led me to a product by 'Touchit' in the form of a 65 inch HD touchscreen.  It is the first of its type of this size in any school in Western Australia and it will create new opportunities for curriculum delivery and student learning from the beginning of the 2013 school year.

Online Teaching and Learning Resources - The entire curriculum is available to my students online, including task briefs, assessment requirements, marking keys and a range of links to web sites, power points, podcasts and video resources.  The only thing that the students cannot get is the experience, knowledge, passion and teaching experience that I bring into the classroom.

The development of online resources is an ongoing and ever expanding concept.  Each year the number of resources grows to create even more opportunities for my students to explore new ideas, learn new skills and achieve to their fullest.

Audio Assessment Feedback - Follow the link and read about the concept that I introduced into my classroom in 2007 and the huge success I've had with it.  There are also links to studies and research papers from around the world.

The Flipped Classroom - So as a busy teacher I'm not always up to date with the latest trends in education.  I'd like to be but I'm realistic.  I was doing some research during the summer break this year (2013) and happened to stumble across a concept called the flipped classroom.  WOW!! a small e-book purchase later and a couple of hours of reading and I discovered that this is basically the way I teach and have done so for nearly a decade, with some variations of my own.

If you don't know what it is or if you are a teacher and want to see how a flipped classroom could change your life as a teacher for the better, you must take a look at this.  SERIOUSLY!!




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