Blue Sky Classroom is a continuation of work that started in 2002 when my e-teaching journey began.

The vision remains as it has been from the outset, to create something better for my students, that makes best use of the modern and the traditional and to create a powerful, positive learning environment that encourages lifelong learning.

The project will remain one that is on-going with the aim that it can grow as my knowledge grows, as I see new opportunities to add teaching and learning content that will enhance the learning and outcomes for my students.

Whilst I have largely been responsible for the structure of the content that makes up ‘My Blue Sky Classroom’, the valuable contributions of my close colleagues and of the wider www community are significant,  as links to websites and their rich offerings are vital teaching and learning tools in a 21st century classroom.

I must also thank the ICT support staff at my school for their assistance and expertise over several years as without them the journey so far would have been so much harder if not impossible.


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